TECHKON, s.r.o., Mixova 165, 261 01 Příbram III, Czechia

Who we are and what we do

TECHKON Ltd. cannot yet pride itself upon the tradition which is epitomised for example by the mining industry in Pribram where the company resides. However, in spite of this fact it has already found its own place in the industry during its existence. The names of the screens such as TAJFUN or TORNADO have become synonymous with this type of machine. We do not wish only to accept old traditions but also to create new ones. This information sheet is the evidence of our progress.

Common features of vibratory devices from TECHKON

  • The machines are placed on soft stainless steel coiled springs therefore transmission of dynamic power into neighbouring constructions is relatively slight.
  • Operation frequency of the machine is selected according to the purpose of its use and is generally 16 or 24 Hz.
  • Three elements are characteristic for each machine: welded case of the machine, elastic setting and vibrators driven. Gears and other moveable parts are not used in the machines. This results in high reliability with minimal demands and extremely low maintenance costs.