TECHKON, s.r.o., Mixova 165, 261 01 Příbram III, Czechia


  • a complete line of classical vibratory feeders
  • used mainly for conveying of loose and grained materials from the bin and their feeding and loading into crushers, screens, conveyer belts etc.
  • in quiet state, feeder serves as a cover for the bin
  • feeders are normally equipped with interchangeabi linings from abrasion resistant materials (Hardox, Brinar)
  • the drive of the machine is provided by two vibrators placed generally on the side of the machine
  • the machine is typically installed in the inclined position, the ideal design of the bin mouth enables it to reach a layer of the material above the height of the feeder trough
  • there are feeders available which include mouths from the bin produced hermetically with a bar bin gate
  • efficiency of the feeder is possible to be regulated by a frequency converter, if required

The wind between areas of low air pressure on the equator and high air pressure in subtropics is called trade wind. Firmness and reliability are typical for this meteorological event. These also apply to the vibratory machines TECHKON.

The feeders mentioned in the table represent a selection from a broader range. Only the most popular and therefore the most sold feeders are listed.

The efficiency mentioned is applicable to the feeder installed the inclination of 8°, for sand granularity 0-6 mm, moisture and layer height 300 mm. Fop a feeder with the width 800 mm the efficiency is stated for stones with granularity 0 – 100 mm and layer 400 mm high.



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